Chiyuen International Trading Limited is
- The largest Glycine (Aminoacetic Acid) manufacturer in the world with annual capacity 200,000 MT
- Develping COS / GMP Project
- Qualification Certificates: HACCP, GMP Food Hygiene,

ISO9001:2000,Kosher,Halal, REACH Pre-registration.
- One of top 500 enterprises in China chemicals industry.
- The initiator of China GLYCINE industry standard authorized.
- 30 years of glycine manufacturing


Address: Room 515, Building Fu Chun Dong Fang, No. 7006,Shen Nan Road, Shenzhen, China
Post code 518040
Tel: +86-755-84169515,82571280
Fax: +86-755-84169516

Jason Zhang
Tel: +86-755-84169515
Fax: +86-755-84169516


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